Le tricot - Guest Houses in Guérande

History of Guest Houses in Guérande - Le Tricot



A place - A story

The Dukes of Brittany's favorite, the "medieval" Guérande overlooks two countrys :
The White Country, of salt and marshes, and the Black Country : of peat and host of the Brière Regional Natural Park. The contrast is stunning !

Charles de Blois, Jean de Montfort, Anne de Bretagne are names which attracts the most passionate among us and sparks the curiosity of others. The Ramparts, or Guerande's Fortifications, are listed as a historical monument since 1877.

Built at the end of the 16th century, by the Lords of Guérande and located within the inner city, the Tricot guests rooms have been a privileged witness of the city's history.

Many people today, the town hall, the Region and many volunteers have worked together to protect its medieval atmosphere from our modern world.

Guest Houses Le Tricot - 8 Rue du Tricot, 44350 Guérande - Phone : +33 (0)6 47 04 68 69